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Sign Sheet OSB Panel

Sign Sheet OSB is an engineered panel product and is one of the most wide spread panels used in the world.  A true OSB product is a great substitute for any application where you would use Plywood.

Sign Sheet OSB is made up with the top and bottom 25% of the sheet has its strands orientated to run the length of the sheet and the middle 50% has been orientated to run the width of the sheet.  This gives it the strength required to call it a true engineered panel.

Features and Benefits
  • Has greater strength than Plywood and wont De-Laminate.

  • OSB is less expensive than Plywood.

  • Easy to work with using normal woodworking tools.

  • A great new look if you want to clear finish the product.

  • Formaldehyde free.

  • Made from Baltic Pine.

  • Engineered wood panel.

  • Use anywhere internally where you would use an untreated plywood.

Sign Sheet OSB is available in 9mm, 12mm and 18mm thick with a sheet size of 2440mm 1220mm.

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