The Gorilla Gripper has gripping plates made of an extremely durable glass-filled nylon polymer, epoxy coated steel arms and our highly praised comfort handle.
It is self-adjusting from 3 to 22mm.




The Gorilla Gripper performs beautifully carrying Plywood, Gib, Melamine, Sheet Metal, MDF, cement board,  and all other sheet products from paper-thin up to 22mm thick.


●  Ruggedly built, almost indestructible
●  Made in the USA from glass-filled nylon polymer
●  Load rating of 45kg.
●  Labour-Saving…Back-Saving


An excellent and economical solution for anyone having to move sheet products, whether every day or once a year!


Considering the importance of a well-preserved back, the Gorilla Gripper is likely to be the best investment a construction worker, woodworker or DIY’er will ever make…

Gorilla Gripper


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